In advance of an anticipated speech by the Prime Minister on leaving the EU, European Research Group Chair Steve Baker MP and Deputy Chair Michael Tomlinson MP have issued the following statement on behalf of the ERG Officers:

Following the Prime Minister’s speech to conference, we are confident the Government is going down entirely the right track.

We’ll be delighted when it’s clear we will be taking advantage of the practically unlimited opportunities which will come from leaving the EEA and Customs Union through ending ECJ supremacy, controlling migration and making our own trade policy.

When the public and business can see our friends around the world are enthusiastic about swiftly concluding tariff and barrier free trade with us, our economy will continue to strengthen.

Sources close to the Trump team have indicated the President-elect will wish to be helpful as early as possible. We have heard similarly from other like-minded countries. Only outside the EEA, Customs Union and CAP can we conclude the trade arrangements which would create very large new opportunities for exporting industries like the Scotch Whisky industry and our world-class services sector.

We look forward to the Prime Minister’s speech with buoyancy and hope, certain our country will have a bright future of free trade and self government.

Press enquiries should be directed to the officers of the ERG.


  1. you need to watch out for this from sturgeon..she knows brexit has destroyed her independence dreams with no eu to bail her out in any possible independent scotland.i am hoping the prime minister does not cave in to these demands of a soft brexit inside the single mkt to take off the table independence,,sturgeon is in a very weak position now and it would not only be foolish to accept her proposal,,it would also be a betrayal of the vote on the 23rd of june

  2. everything which you state is what we voted for on 23rd june,,however why do we have to now ask the prime minister to deliver this because to my my mind anything less is surely a betrayal of the vote,,my worry is that she is trying to please to many people and that leads to things get watered down to something that resembles leaving the eu in name only,,staying in the single mkt and customs union makes brexit pointless,, and at this point she isnt dismissing it out of hand which again gives me concern