Today I would like to join leaders across the health and social care system in Buckinghamshire in welcoming yesterday’s announcement from NHS England that Buckinghamshire will be part of the first wave of Accountable Care Systems being created around the country to deliver improvements to local health care.

The system is designed to end the ‘fractured’ health and social care system that leaves too many patients passed from ‘pillar to post’. Local leaders, health experts and communities will have more control over how they improve health and social care.

NHS England announced nine areas in England – covering some seven million people, including Buckinghamshire – which will be at the forefront of nationwide action to provide joined up, better coordinated care breaking down the barriers between GPs and hospitals, physical and mental healthcare, social care and the NHS. The Accountable Care Systems’ will bring together local NHS organisations, often in partnership with social care services and the voluntary sector. They will build on the learning from and early results of NHS England’s new care model ‘vanguards’, which are slowing emergency hospitalisations growth by up to two thirds compared with other less integrated parts of the country.

I am pleased NHS England have taken this decision, allowing our local NHS to provide better care closer to home, and look forward to seeing the positive results these plans will bring for the people of Wycombe. I eco the words of Martin Tett, Chair of the Buckinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board and Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council, when he said that the announcement is testament to the work being done to deliver better, safer and more joined up health and care for the local communities we serve.

If you would like to read more about the proposals, please visit the Bucks Health Care website here. 


  1. Mr Terence King

    Mental health, police records, doctors notes, learning disabilities such as aspergers and suspected IE, Aspergers etc, combined. Would avoid misunderstanding. But will need risk evaluations and addiction history must be easily seen on all files. I say this because a officer at that time, needs such value information immediately and no time to read everything during an event. Keeping the public and professionals safe must Trump any and all, safeguarding privacy rights.

  2. Bill Russell

    How will we know that this new way of working in health & social care will benefit patients? What evidence is there? How will we know that sevices for patients and caters and those who use social care services have improved? What baseline measurements are available for us to compare the new service to the old? Wasnt the Better Care Fund meant to help integration of health & social care? The metrics for that project were not adequate and we dont know if it is achieving its objectives. The residents of BuckinghMshire needs transpaency and more information about the consequences of these changes.