Our manifesto explains:

The United Kingdom is embarking upon another era in our centuries-old story. We are leaving the European Union. We want to ensure our departure is smooth and orderly and to agree a deep and special partnership with the 27 remaining member states.

In leaving the European Union, we have chosen a truly global role for Britain. To strike trade deals with old friends and new partners and take a leading position in the world to defend British interests, we must be strong and united.

This begins with our determination to defend the integrity of the United Kingdom and to strengthen the Union, bringing the peoples of the United Kingdom together.

You can find fuller details of our plan to leave the European Union successfully from page 35 of our manifesto and in the Government’s white paper.

My own articles on the EU may be found here, including this article setting out why we need to leave the Customs Union and the EEA. There is also my article for City AM on financial services, We need a pragmatic approach to leaving the European Union, which relates to this financial services briefing by the Legatum Institute Special Trade Commission.

One Comment

  1. Steve

    There is no clear plan. There is a list of aspirations – a wish list. Nothing more.

    Even if some of them are ever achieved the timeframe to achieve them is a long way off

    All this means the economy of the country is going to be worse, as will be revenue for the country and hence less on public services. Inflation is rising and the pound has devalued. I have seen your statements that the £ was over-valued but I didnt see people rushing to short it over the previous years.

    Not only is Brexit a wrong thing to do and is economic self-harm, the players involved in trying to “deliver” it have demonstrated many times that they don’t have the right skills, experience, knowledge or temperament.

    You pushed for Brexit, supporting the sunny uplands picture of how wonderful it’ll be when clearly that is not going to be the case in the short term or maybe ever.

    The majority of people in your constituency wished to remain. You come to us again sprouting the same rubbish as before the referendum.

    I hope the voters remember not only this but also your unhelpful position on things that some Wycombe people feel strongly about, for example the NHS