There is no such thing tomorrow as a safe Labour or Lib Dem vote: if only 6 seats fall, there will be the chaos of a hung Parliament at just the moment we need good government.

A Labour or Lib Dem vote risks dire consequences:

  • The chaos of a Corbyn / SNP / Lib Dem Coalition.
  • Jeremy Corbyn as PM who can’t lead on Brexit and opposes shooting-to-kill terrorists.
  • Policies based on a magic money tree, higher taxes and debt.
  • Diane Abbott in charge of national security and immigration.

So please back Theresa May’s Conservative Team in the National Interest:

  • Back her team and strengthen her hand to see Brexit through.
  • Back strong and stable leadership for Britain.
  • Back an economic plan for more jobs, lower taxes and better services.
  • Back strong national security and controlled immigration.

Conservatives have a plan for tough action against terrorism.

  • Stronger disruptive powers for the police and security services.
  • Longer sentences for terrorism-related offences.
  • Stop the internet being a safe space for terrorists.
  • More intervention to stop extremism in British communities.

Last night, the Prime Minister spoke at a rally which I attended, setting out our plan for tough action. Theresa May explained that, if human rights laws get in the way of doing these things, we will change those laws to make sure we can do what is necessary.

Our manifesto says we will consider our human rights legal framework when the process of leaving the European Union concludes. Regardless of that process, if our work to strengthen the powers of the police and security and intelligence agencies is hampered by human rights legislation, we will change that legislation – including if necessary by derogating from aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights.

I am proud of the UK’s commitment to fundamental liberties but we cannot allow the British people to suffer repeated attacks of the kind we have seen. That’s why I will support tough action against terrorism.

Enough is enough: we must face up to the hard reality of doing what is necessary to counter terrorism.


Securing our economic future

Today the Prime Minister has announced that the next Conservative Government would bring in a National Productivity Investment Fund – that will be used to make the most of the opportunities of Brexit and improve the economic security of ordinary working families.

At least £23 billion will be spent on local housing, roads, railways, ultrafast broadband, and research and development. The money for this was set aside at the Autumn Statement last year and has already been factored into government spending plans.

Please vote Conservative in Wycombe tomorrow to keep our nation secure and prosperous.

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