I have often received praise from constituents for the work of midwives in Wycombe Hospital’s Maternity Unit which has existed on the Hospital Site for many years. However during the campaign, I spoke to some residents who were unaware of what is available at the Wycombe Hospital site so I thought I would highlight what is available.

There is an antenatal clinic at the Wycombe Hospital site providing obstetric and midwife led clinics as well as ultrasound scans, anesthetic clinics and early pregnancy services for those at risk of potential complications. At their first appointment, women discuss with their midwife about the care that is most suitable for their needs and any necessary appointments are made.

Women at low risk of complications can choose between a home birth, or giving birth at Wycombe Birth Centre, midwife led delivery at Stoke Mandeville Hospital or consultant led delivery at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Antenatal appointments are provided in the local community.

If you plan a home birth, a midwife can provide care during labour and following birth. They are trained to help you give birth safely and will advise you if transferring to an obstetric unit would be best.

The Wycombe Birth Centre is run by a team of highly trained, dedicated midwives with the aim to support women to have the birth experience of their choice. The Centre is home to postnatal clinics, newborn examination clinics and the Wycombe based community midwives.

Community midwifery care is provided in local GP surgeries and Children Centres in addition to Wycombe Birth Centre. Community midwifery is supported by specialist midwives providing support to teenagers, vulnerable women and women with mental health issues.

Women who would prefer to give birth in hospital or those who are recommended obstetric led  care because they are at a higher risk of complications can choose to give birth at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where they can receive the specialist support they require.

I am proud of the facilities at Wycombe Hospital, and I talk to many people who speak with pride about how they  were born or gave birth at the Hospital. I am also pleased that women can take advantage of many more options how to give birth than was previously possible. For further information visit http://www.buckshealthcare.nhs.uk/birthchoices/your-birth-choices.htm.

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