I have received a wide range of correspondence, covering the full spectrum of opinion from remaining in the EU after all, whether with or without a further referendum, through accepting the Prime Minister’s deal to leaving without a Withdrawal Agreement and trading on WTO terms. 

People have said I should vote to to represent their view, rather than my own, notwithstanding the reality that voters in Wycombe have expressed every conceivable opinion on the way forward.  This goes to the heart of what an MP does and the tensions we face.

My opposition to the EU’s constitutional Lisbon Treaty and its impact on democratic accountability for people living in the UK was one of the driving forces which brought me into politics.  When I have stood for election, I have consistently said I would support a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.  I remain consistent in my opposition to EU membership and I seek to honour the result of the EU referendum result and to uphold the 2017 Conservative manifesto pledges on how we exit.

Some people have written to tell me, sadly, they will not vote for me again because of the stance I am taking.  I regret that deeply.  However, others tell me that they support what I am doing and that I must not change course.  My duty is always to pay close attention to the voters of Wycombe, yet I find I must rely on my own judgement of what is right – backed as it is by research, careful deliberation and democratic mandates – as I seek to further the best interests of everyone in Wycombe.

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