I know large numbers of people in Wycombe would like a ceasefire in Gaza. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding, and the Government has acted by more than doubling aid to the Palestinian people, and by calling for humanitarian pauses.

At PMQs on 25 October, asked about a ceasefire, the PM said he is pressing for pauses,

“…from the start we have also wanted to ensure that humanitarian aid can go in and hostages and foreign nationals can come out. We recognise that that means there has to be a safer environment, which of course necessitates specific pauses, as distinct from a ceasefire.”


“…we have doubled down on our efforts to find a better future for the Palestinian people. That has been a feature of all our diplomacy in the region, and we will continue to give all our efforts to making that happen.”

I support the PM’s call for humanitarian pauses and a better future for the Palestinian people based on a viable two state solution.

The exchange can be read in full here:


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