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House of Commons prayer card reading "Wycombe"

Misconceptions about my position on Gaza

I very much regret that some local people are dissatisfied with the Government’s position on Gaza. While we may disagree on the policy, I have made many representations to Ministers – including the Prime Minister and his team – to ensure that constituents’ views are understood. I am certain we […]

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Prayer card in the House of Commons reading "Wycombe"

My replies to correspondence on Gaza

I know the anguish that so many in Wycombe and across the UK are feeling at this time. Given the volume and scope of correspondence I have received from constituents on this issue, I am sorry it is not possible for me to respond to every point raised in every […]

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Why I will vote to recognise Palestine

On 21 July, I wrote of the conflict over Gaza: As we have recoiled from the violence committed by both sides, too little attention has been paid to the reality of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, their development over the years and their consequences for Palestinians. The progression of those […]

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How to send aid to Gaza

The level of human suffering in Gaza and across much of the region is now so appalling as almost to defy words. To live in Gaza, Syria, Iraq or Libya today is to endure the most nightmarish conditions. I was thoroughly dismayed that today’s truce between Hamas and Israel collapsed. Aid to […]

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Gaza: the violence must stop

As the appalling toll of lives lost has mounted again today in Gaza, it is increasingly clear that it is practically impossible for the Israelis to conduct proportionate operations there. The UN Security Council has rightly called for an immediate ceasefire. The UN Secretary General has described Israel’s shelling of […]

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Meetings to discuss interception of the Free Gaza Flotilla

This morning, I held two meetings to discuss Israel’s interception of the Free Gaza Flotilla. There is justified horror and anger at events. First, I met members of the Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum before meeting Conservative Muslim councillors. Over the next few days, the Muslim Communication Forum will provide feedback to […]

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