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Changing the function of ARIA is the wrong way to protest development aid

UPDATE: I have now written to the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab: “In the meantime however, I would ask you to please examine again whether these cuts to aid spending could be done more sympathetically with respect to those most in need.” 3 June 2021: In order to protest cuts to Overseas Development Aid (ODA) taking spending below the legally-required 0.7% of GDP, rebels have tabled an amendment to the Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill. This is the text of […]

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The Government is making good progress for Calais Child Refugees

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On 26 October, the French Government announced that the Calais Jungle had been cleared. The migrants who had previously been living at the camp have been entered into the French immigration and asylum system. Questions have been asked in recent days about the fate of unaccompanied children living in Calais. There has been a statement in the Commons by the Home Secretary. The question of the plight of child refugees and migrants in Calais properly arouses strong views. Our hearts […]

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How to send aid to Gaza

The level of human suffering in Gaza and across much of the region is now so appalling as almost to defy words. To live in Gaza, Syria, Iraq or Libya today is to endure the most nightmarish conditions. I was thoroughly dismayed that today’s truce between Hamas and Israel collapsed. Aid to Gaza has been Wycombe people’s first concern, so we asked advice from DFiD. From the Gov.UK website on 30 July: The UK is stepping up its humanitarian response to the Gaza crisis […]

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PovertyCure — From Aid to Enterprise

A fascinating video from PovertyCure on aid and enterprise: I particularly identified with: Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard. We have a mind for the poor. We will never reconcile all opinion about how to help the poor but there is far more unity than is generally believed over the goal: creating stronger societies through prosperity. As the video concludes, “Good intentions don’t end poverty. Enterprise and freedom end poverty.”

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On capital, international development and raising the poor out of poverty

Via The Economic Role of Saving and Capital Goods – Mises Institute (emphasis mine): What distinguishes contemporary life in the countries of Western civilization from conditions as they prevailed in earlier ages – and still exist for the greater number of those living today – is not the changes in the supply of labor and the skill of the workers and not the familiarity with the exploits of pure science and their utilization by the applied sciences, by technology. It is […]

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