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The level of human suffering in Gaza and across much of the region is now so appalling as almost to defy words. To live in Gaza, Syria, Iraq or Libya today is to endure the most nightmarish conditions. I was thoroughly dismayed that today’s truce between Hamas and Israel collapsed.

Aid to Gaza has been Wycombe people’s first concern, so we asked advice from DFiD. From the Gov.UK website on 30 July:

The UK is stepping up its humanitarian response to the Gaza crisis with an additional £3 million for the World Food Programme’s emergency appeal to help deal with food shortages, Prime Minister David Cameron announced today.

This £3 million boost will provide emergency food for more than 300,000 people for one month.

This latest support from the UK brings to £10 million the amount released to help Gaza since the latest crisis began.

I know many local people want to donate considerable funds to support humanitarian assistance in Gaza. We are advised that the best way to give is through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. Members of the public can donate here.

One Comment

  1. 1) It is bizarre in the extreme to compare Syria, where around 200,000 people have died and over five million have become refugees, or Iraq where entire ethnic groups are being targeted for extermination, to Gaza, which is suffering because its elected government refuses to stop fighting a war it cannot win, and deliberately fights from inside heavily populated areas.

    2) It is bizarre in the the extreme to only mention Gaza, where millions of pounds of aid money have already been used to construct tunnels and buy munitions for war against Israel, as the only object of charity.

    3) On three separate occasions during this war the UNWRA has been caught allowing Hamas to use their schools as a weapons dump. In one case they allowed a school to be used to dig a tunnel designed to launch terrorist attacks within Israel. They are certainly not a worthy recipient of British money.

    4) The truce in question did not “collapse”. Hamas broke it, as they have on five separate occasions.

    5) Conditions in Gaza do not “defy words”. Such lack of proportion only contributes to the myopic focus on Israel-Palestine which allows vastly greater horrors to go on unchecked.

    6) The only reason that this war is happening is because Israel did everything British policy demands: dismantle settlements, withdraw forces and allow Palestinians to hold independent democratic elections. Simply demanding more of the same bad policy in response to that same policy’s demonstrable failure is irrational.