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Aircraft operations in winter

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I’ve just come from the Transport Committee, where we heard from the airlines and the airfield operators about December’s disruption due to snow. It had me reflecting on my time involved with Jaguar operations in Arctic Norway, right. We had some advantages over British airports and the commercial airlines: There were no passengers. If aircraft operations were abandoned, we just had to find something to occupy our time. There were not ever-growing thousands of people to care for. We kept […]

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Transport Committee – UK Parliament

I was delighted this evening to be elected by colleagues to serve on Parliament’s Transport Committee: The Transport Committee is charged by the House of Commons with scrutiny of the Department for Transport. Its formal remit was to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Transport and its associated public bodies. The Committee’s powers are the same as those for other departmental select committees as set out in Standing Order No.152: principally, to send for persons, papers and […]

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