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The Apple App Store and other innovations

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Apple just added the App Store to OS X: Suddenly, it is as easy to find and install new applications on Apple computers as it has been on iPhone and iPad. No doubt this will catch on… And I just discovered how much progress Ubuntu Linux has made. It’s interesting that this Debian-derived distribution seems to have surpassed RedHat for popular use since that firm became more commercial, splitting out Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora. It’s great fun, freedom. See […]

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Bad design, by Apple

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The Apple Time Capsule together with OS X’s Time Machine provide a backup and restore solution of incomparable magnificence. About five minutes’ easy setup produces a backup solution you can forget until you need to restore something, for all the computers on your network. That is, until your Time Capsule dies. It appears the unit runs sufficiently hot to destroy the power supply in a year or so. The bottom of the Time Capsule is one large, thick rubber boot:

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Safari 4 web browser on Mac and Windows

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Worth a look: Apple – What’s new in Safari – See the new features available in Safari 4 Beta for Mac and PC.

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Apple Mighty Mouse scroll ball cleaning

The scroll ball of Apple’s “Mighty Mouse” is useful but, like old-style mouse balls, it gets dirty and stops working. Apple’s cleaning procedure is pitiful. Stripping the mouse works: here’s a guide. All the best.

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Apple’s new wireless keyboard

It has no number pad and it is perfect. More here.