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Ayn Rand vs the Whips?

Ayn Rand’s Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal is a collection of fascinating essays, including Alan Greenspan’s famous defence of free banking, Gold and Economic Freedom, which I believe he has never repudiated. Today, I found in it a section of Rand’s critique of the student rebellions of the 1960s which put me in mind of the Whips’ office: If there is any one way to confess one’s own mediocrity, it is the willingness to place one’s work in the absolute power of […]

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Atlas Shrugged on the big screen

As I have reported before, there’s much in Ayn Rand’s writing that I do not like: As an articulation of what goes wrong when government and other coercive institutions intervene in the economy and in society, it is a masterpiece. As an articulation of the timeless morals which have sustained human society, it leaves something to be desired: magnanimity. Ironically, Aristotle, who made magnanimity “the crowning virtue”, was the only philosopher to whom Rand would acknowledge a philosophical debt: it […]

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Atlas Shrugged

Yesterday, I finished Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a book which seems to be enjoying a fashionable resurgence. Atlas Shrugged is, from the jacket: The astounding story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world — and did. … It is a mystery story, not about the murder of a man’s body, but about the murder — and rebirth — of man’s spirit. The novel articulates Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism: objective reality, reason, self-interest and […]

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