As I have reported before, there’s much in Ayn Rand’s writing that I do not like:

As an articulation of what goes wrong when government and other coercive institutions intervene in the economy and in society, it is a masterpiece. As an articulation of the timeless morals which have sustained human society, it leaves something to be desired: magnanimity. Ironically, Aristotle, who made magnanimity “the crowning virtue”, was the only philosopher to whom Rand would acknowledge a philosophical debt: it appears she missed that in his writing.

Nevertheless, I just learned that Atlas Shrugged is to appear on the big screen. Here’s the trailer for Part 1:

It is a story which uses intervention in rail to illustrate the collapse of society as government increases its control over industry, with all the inefficiency, corruption and injustice that entails.

The movie is long past overdue. The movie site is here.

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