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Hooray for Boris!

Boris Johnson in the Telegraph: Financial crisis: “Eat, spend and be merry – this is not the end of the world” I don’t want to seem indifferent to suffering, and I don’t want anyone to accuse me of minimising the likely effect of the recession, because the coming months will […]

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BBC: UK’s top policeman forced to resign

And l wish him well in his new career, provided it is not as a commentator. See also: Dominic Grieve MP: Sir Ian Blair’s resignation “the right decision” Mark Field MP on ConservativeHome. The Times: Boris Johnson forces Sir Ian Blair to quit as police chief Sir Ian is entitled […]

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Canvassing for Boris

Second session of canvassing for Boris tonight, this time in northern Bayswater. People are fed up with Ken, waste and bendy buses: we’re seeing a real swing from strong Labour to Boris. People think he apears a twit, but they also see through it. Must get people to vote! Conservative […]

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