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Obtaining service from BT

About 2 weeks ago, my phone line failed. One online report and several days later, an engineer arrived unexpectedly on a Sunday morning. So far, imperfect but fine. He restored voice calls but not Infinity broadband. There was apparently something up with a cable in their junction box. He was to report it to another engineer for a repair the next day. There were 2 days until BT’s self-imposed, sluggish deadline. Five days later, broadband was still not up. Irritatingly, […]

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Well done BT!

We have moved house every two years or less for as long as we have been married. For the first time (IIRC), today, BT swapped our phone line and broadband within a few hours on the specified day. And I only had to make a single journey through a labyrinthine telephone system. Who would have thought it?

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