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The Arthur Rank Centre

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I had the privilege today of visiting the Arthur Rank Centre: A collaborative unit supported by the National Churches, the Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Rank Foundation serving the rural community and its churches. The Centre was named after Lord Rank who donated the original building. It was opened by the Queen at the Royal Show in 1972 and is the recognised national rural resources unit for the churches. It is also a project base for innovative thinking and wide ranging […]

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Holidays 4 Heroes

Via Holidays 4 Heroes, the armed forces show how to deliver “quick reaction welfare”: Holidays 4 Heroes is an informal group of people, including serving and retired personnel from all the UK Armed Forces and civilian supporters. We try to assist serving and former military personnel and their families, in a variety of ways that might otherwise fall outside the remit of the better-known Forces Charities. We work together through an Internet web-site used, mainly but certainly not exclusively, by […]

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Starving Zimbabweans face food aid cut

Via Starving Zimbabweans face food aid cut | World news | guardian.co.uk : The World Food Programme is to cut the core maize ration in February from 10kg to 5kg a month – or just 600 calories a day – for 7 million Zimbabweans, about 70% of the people left in the country. The recommended ration is 12kg a month. As a result of the cuts, many Zimbabweans will be fortunate to eat once a day. Millions have been left […]

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The RNLI Christmas appeal

The RNLI Christmas appeal arrived this morning. This year, the RNLI assisted 7,834 people at sea. The men and women of the Lifeboats have now saved 137,500 lives. I have never needed them, but sailing around the Isle of Wight on a rough day in a fast catamaran, we were glad to know they were there. You can donate here. Please consider giving regularly.

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Social action: manning the local night shelter

I will be manning our local night shelter between January and March. Homelessness is a subject close to my heart. It is a scandal that — in this age and with such levels of spending on social security — people are forced to sleep rough. It is a scandal we should not tolerate.

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Mary O’Hara on the spiralling cost of mental illness

In the last 10 years, funding for mental health services has risen sharply. But a new report from the King’s Fund today concludes that if the government doesn’t rethink the way services are delivered and focus more resources on prevention, it will be unable to meet soaring future demand. Preventative mental health delivered differently? A job for the Church? read more | digg story

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Free at last! (of the beard/moustache)

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The Bombardiers raised over £3000 in the end, by the time the employees’ sponsorship is matched by Lehman Brothers (!) and the gift aid is added, I guess we’ll be somewhere over £6000 for Everyman. Good work 😀 Free at last:


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