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Debate on the role of churches in society

Recently, my colleague Fiona Bruce MP held a backbench debate on the contribution of faith organisations to the voluntary sector. Fiona opened as follows: Christians possess a rich heritage of social reform and charitable care which is alive today. In the 19th century, William Wilberforce and Lord Shaftesbury led campaigns for […]

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Speen Church Skydive

At last, on Saturday, we jumped. Simon Treen tandem jumped first from the Skyvan, followed by Andy Gower, with me last out in close formation. Will has emigrated and will be jumping in the USA. Pulled at my usual altitude, miles upwind, and had to land in a field of […]

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Mary O’Hara on the spiralling cost of mental illness

In the last 10 years, funding for mental health services has risen sharply. But a new report from the King’s Fund today concludes that if the government doesn’t rethink the way services are delivered and focus more resources on prevention, it will be unable to meet soaring future demand. Preventative […]

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