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Discussing the severe weather on Radio 5 Live

Last night, just after 10pm, I appeared for the first time in a live national interview with Stephen Nolan on Radio 5 live to discuss the severe weather. Thousands upon thousands of people have had a miserable time over the past few days: it’s an important issue. We covered quite a lot of ground, but I made these three key points: This exceptionally severe weather has also caused chaos across Europe (FT.com – £): the UK is not alone. When […]

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Coping with heavy snow (or why I am a winter tyre bore)

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The Royal Air Force used to send me to Bardufoss in Arctic Norway, in winter. I learned there that, if you want to drive on snow, use winter tyres and, if you want to drive on ice, have studs in them. The point was hammered home when we went to Ørland near Trondheim, south of the Arctic Circle, for a month from mid-September. We drove there in British cars, using the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, and of course they were […]

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