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I didn’t seek election to roll forward Labour’s surveillance state

Via Government web surveillance: ‘Expensive, impractical, totalitarian’ – Telegraph: The Government’s plan to make Internet Service Providers capture personal communications data is nothing new. It was brought up under the last Labour government as the “Intercept Modernisation Programme” and received heavy criticism from the Tory party in opposition. The article concentrates on the practicalities of recording people’s internet activity. For a more philosophical point of view about why it shouldn’t be attempted, see Sam Bowman’s Our road to serfdom. Meanwhile, […]

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From the BFP – Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’

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Via Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ (From Bucks Free Press): SUGGESTIONS the Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ because of the ‘shift in politics’ have been dismissed by the party’s Wycombe leader – following a neighbouring councillor’s defection. There is an excellent explanation of the structure of political ideas in the author’s preface to Living with Leviathan (David B Smith, IEA, 2006). Smith posits as a replacement for the conventional and flawed left/right spectrum what he calls Hayek’s Triangle: On this scheme: The […]

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