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Coronavirus and wellbeing – we need checks and balances

A leading group of academics from LSE, including former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell, have today published a report which concludes that the Government’s response to Covid has “been dictated by concerns for lives lost from COVID-19, which represent far too narrow a focus for a full impact assessment.” “Shaping the post-Covid World: Moving towards wellbeing over the lifetime as the unit of analysis in policy” (link below) says that “any policy intervention requires us to capture and quantify all […]

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Vaccine passports

Following today’s news about vaccine passports: In recent months, the Government has repeatedly denied it is looking at vaccine passports, despite The Telegraph reporting lots of evidence to the contrary. Now James Cleverly appears to have confirmed @elliotttimes piece that they are indeed happening. Go figure… — Harry Yorke (@HarryYorke1) February 5, 2021 Steve Baker MP said, I’m alarmed by the present lack of clarity about vaccine passports as well as the poor level of communication by Government on what […]

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Epidemiological predictions – Analysis of prior model failure

Epidemiological predictions – Analysis of prior model failure, a presentation provided to ministers on 26 November 2020 further to this report: Summary of methodological issues in epidemiology, all by Mike Hearn, plan99.net.

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My article in The Telegraph: I cannot support this second lockdown

The PM is doing what he thinks is best for public health, yet the modelling is much too uncertain. Following my article yesterday on The Telegraph, I have re-published it here: Our Prime Minister faces a nightmare scenario. Official advice on NHS capacity is that “even surge capacity is burnt through in all regions but London in the next four weeks” and “on the current trajectory the NHS will not be able to accept any more patients by Christmas week”. […]

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Financial support for jobs and businesses

A national lockdown is not cost-free; like many, I am concerned that England’s new restrictions may potentially harm lives, livelihoods and mental health. Though I voted no in the motion which approved England’s second national lockdown, we must comply. To support these restrictions the Government have announced: An extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until the end of March Eligible employees will receive 80% of their usual salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £2,500 There […]

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Summary of Methodological Issues in Epidemiology – Mike Hearn

This report on the methodological issues in epidemiology was produced by Mike Hearn, a former senior Google software engineer. I have raised the issues it highlights with the Chairs of the Science and Technology Committee, Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, and the Health and Social Care Committee. I have also raised it with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care as well as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Find the report here:

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02.11.2020 Briefing with MPs, Scientists and other Experts: Lord Sumption’s Speech

This morning, I chaired a Zoom meeting between MPs, scientists and other experts. We discussed a strategy for living with coronavirus, Recovery’s Five Reasonable Demands and the impact of the current restrictions. Below reads Lord Sumption’s speech: I am not a scientist. But I firmly believe that every citizen has a right and duty to understand the science. I also consider that when scientists differ, as they do on Covid-19, a sceptical lay public comes into its own. Across Europe, […]

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02.11.2020 Briefing with MPs, Scientists & other Experts: Emma Kenny’s Speech

This morning, I chaired a Zoom meeting between MPs, scientists and other experts. We discussed a strategy for living with coronavirus, Recovery’s Five Reasonable Demands and the impact of the current restrictions. TV psychologist, presenter and writer, Emma Kenny, gave this powerful speech: Recovery is asking the Government for five reasonable demands To behave with humanity To give equal regard to all lives To be willing to hold a comprehensive public enquiry and a balanced public debate, To safeguard all…. […]

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Supporting Families throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, knowing how challenging these times have been, I am pleased the Government has delivered unprecedented support to help those most in need. In addition to providing over £200 billion to protect jobs, livelihoods and businesses, they have : Increased Universal Credit by £1,000 a year Awarded £16 million to food charities Delivered £63 million of additional funding to councils across the country to help support families facing financial difficulties get hold of food and essentials Increased […]

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Important Update from Buckinghamshire Council: Fighting Coronavirus

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This week, I, like many other Wycombe residents, received an email from Martin Tett, the Leader of Buckinghamshire Council. He wrote to update on how the situation in Buckinghamshire is progressing, what to do to stay safe, and reveal the campaign the Council are running to help keep Buckinghamshire stay out of the ‘High’ category for COVID. Please see the email below: “The Situation in Buckinghamshire This week there is a clear message as unfortunately, we are starting to see […]

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