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Convention on Modern Liberty: “What we have lost”

From the Convention’s “Abolition of Freedom Act 2009”: One of the problems with the erosion of liberty in Britain over the last decade was that the public failed to pay attention to what was happening in Parliament. Laws that fundamentally challenged our traditions of rights and liberty and flew in the face of the Human Rights Act (“HRA”) were passed with relatively little debate. Few grasped the impact they would have on our society and Ministers were able to brush […]

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David Davis: Damian Green affair must never be repeated

Sometimes vindication can be a bitter pill. Despite the intensity of my belief that this government was systematically undermining our historic freedoms, even l was shocked by the senseless and insensitive behaviour of our police force in arresting my close friend and colleague, Damian Green. read more | digg story

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The six facts causing Tories alarm about Damian Green

Mobile phone seized; parliamentary computer seized; police aggressive at the Parliamentary “crime scene”; flat searched with wife and daughters at home; up to 20 counter terrorist police involved; Cameron informed of search as the police “marched up the steps” of Parliament. David Davis: For five years I have avoided using the phrase ‘police state’. But the sort of things going on here is what you expect in a police state, a banana state. This is the most extraordinary event of […]

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Telegraph: “David Davis is tilting at real giants”

The Telegraph comes out in support of the serious issues behind the Davis campaign. Nigel Palmer comments powerfully on John Redwood’s Diary. And then Brown explains that tyranny makes you free. Worthy of Stalin: even Marxists claim support for freedom and democracy. Marx: Communism will institute a ‘true realm’ of freedom. read more | digg story

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I’m fighting to defend our basic freedoms, says David Davis

Much of this Telegraph article is the text of his speech, but it refers to further trespasses on our freedoms. read more | digg story

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Iain Dale’s comment on David Davis’ resignation

Well-informed comment here. And would you look at that: it appears Tories think he’s right and that we should lead public opinion. It turns out Davis is an old skydiver. How splendid.

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David Davis: what he said

Taken from the BBC video here. Any errors and omissions my own. I had intended to make this statement in the House of Commons, the appropriate place in my view for something as important as this, but the Speaker ruled that because it revisited controversial issues from yesterday, that that was not appropriate. So I am going to read you the statement that I was about to make in the House. It will take a couple of minutes. Before I […]

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Liberty’s new hero: David Davis

David Davis has resigned as an MP in order to fight a by-election on the issue of detention without trial. His speech is well worth watching. No doubt he will face a barrage of accusations for this. All the more reason to admire his stand. More from David Davis here. Sensible report from the FT here.

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