Mobile phone seized; parliamentary computer seized; police aggressive at the Parliamentary “crime scene”; flat searched with wife and daughters at home; up to 20 counter terrorist police involved; Cameron informed of search as the police “marched up the steps” of Parliament.

David Davis:

For five years I have avoided using the phrase ‘police state’. But the sort of things going on here is what you expect in a police state, a banana state. This is the most extraordinary event of my parliamentary career.

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One Comment

  1. New Labour and compromised, partisan ‘public servants’ who claim to be acting ‘independently’ will defend this by claiming to be enforcing the official secrets act. Let them. Here are my questions:-

    1) What’s the justification for any of the things leaked being classified as ‘Official Secrets’?

    2) Why are the politicians who oppose this action talking about this in terms of violation of parliamentary privilege, when I see no reason to punish a private citizen acted in exactly the manner than Damian Green did?

    3) Exactly how many private citizens have been arrested for similar ‘offences’ whose arrests have not become public knowledge because their arrests have themselves been classified as official secrets?

    If this is how they treat serving MPs with the publicity machine of a major political party behind them, I shudder to think what could happen (or possibly has already happened) to a member of the public of modest means.

    Charles De Menzes only made the news because he was gunned down in a veritable hail of bullets on a crowded tube train. How many people have already been told to come quietly in the early hours of the morning ?