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My Thoughts on Tolerance

Earlier this week, I put out on my social media a short tweet in support of the LGBT+ community. My office and I viewed it as a simple and benign tweet in support of a campaign run by LGBT+ Conservatives. It was an elected member of Parliament expressing the view that a community should be able to live their lives free from hate. In 2023, this should be uncontroversial. My staff and I viewed it as so. We were extraordinarily […]


Now and always, zero tolerance for hatred

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In the past ten days, several constituents have reported being increasingly subject to hateful abuse over their race or nationality in London, Oxford and Wycombe. Recently, I attended a conference where UK Christians described acts of persecution they had suffered after converting here at home. Hateful abuse like racism and religious persecution is and always will be intolerable. As this website has set out for years, I believe in equality before the law and freedom, including freedom of religion. Every […]

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Social justice is back – David Cameron’s magnificent conference speech

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David Cameron has once again set out a magnificent vision for a Conservative programme to make Britain greater. I am delighted our poverty-fighting social justice ideas are back at the forefront of Conservatism. I may have entered politics over the Lisbon Treaty, but the journey taught me the calamitous extent of the welfare state’s failures under Labour. That’s why I helped the Centre for Social Justice before the election: we must succeed to a far greater extent in our fight against […]

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Video from LearnLiberty.org: Equality & Respect: How I’m Equal to Hugh Jackman

More here. See also: Principles for a Free Society, Dr Nigel Ashford

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David Cameron’s speech in full – Telegraph

Via David Cameron’s speech in full – Telegraph, a biting attack on the liberal left: Oh yes, I do understand. Believe me I do understand and I am disgusted by the idea that we should aim for any less for a child from a poor background than a rich one. I have contempt for the notion that we should accept narrower horizons for a black child than a white one. Yes it’s the age-old irony of the liberal left: they practice […]

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The hopeful path between denial and despair is the reinvention of Britain

Via BT ruling could open pension claim floodgates – Telegraph: Taxpayers could be on the hook for tens of billions of pounds to cover a string of privatised companies’ pension schemes after the precedent set by BT’s landmark “crown guarantee” victory. What next, I wonder? Between the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Adam Smith Institute, The TaxPayers’ Alliance and The Cobden Centre, it is pretty clear that the British State owes trillions of pounds. Yes, trillions of pounds. Somewhere between £4,800,000,000,000 […]

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