Via David Cameron’s speech in full – Telegraph, a biting attack on the liberal left:

Oh yes, I do understand. Believe me I do understand and I am disgusted by the idea that we should aim for any less for a child from a poor background than a rich one. I have contempt for the notion that we should accept narrower horizons for a black child than a white one. Yes it’s the age-old irony of the liberal left: they practice oppression and call it equality.

I recommend the full speech.

At conference fringe meetings, I spoke against HS2, as I expect to do on Thursday in the Commons, in support of planning reform with a right to refuse and on the subject of how the Big Society idea can help fight poverty. Please see my Twitter feed for more.

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  1. Gary - Manchester

    Excellent speech….one thing that caught my eye and really wound me up was the piece about the EU directive relating to diabetics driving. This is absolute nonsense………why on earth is the UK contributing billions of pounds every year to an organsiation that comes up with rubbish like that?. Im at an age when I just about remember the referendum to join the Common Market , it sounded a great idea. But we never signed up for the 21st century version of that. The UK as a part of federal Europe is an absolute no no !!