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I won’t support Labour on fuel duty – or duck the issue of spending

Today, we’ll be debating an Opposition Day motion on fuel duty, which I want cut. It’s shocking that 60% of the pump price of petrol is tax. Nevertheless I won’t be supporting Labour. It’s one thing to be supported by Labour on a important constitutional point — Parliament’s control over our EU budget contribution, for example — but it is another to support them on an Opposition Day designed to injure the Government. In any case, fuel is 10p a […]

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Supporting FairFuelUK for a cut in fuel Duty

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According to a CEBR Report for the Fair Fuel UK campaign: Our findings suggest that a 2.5 pence reduction in fuel duty would result in the creation of 175 thousand jobs within a year and 180 thousand jobs within five years of such a reduction. Such a reduction, we estimate, would not result in any fiscal loss to the Government, while GDP would receive a boost of 0.32 per cent within a year and 0.34 per cent within five years. Now, […]

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National FairFuel Day – 7 March

We need your help in our continuing fight to persuade the Government to cut fuel duty on petrol and diesel. We are asking if you might be able to join us during the afternoon of Wednesday 7th March in the House of Commons? Read more via National FairFuel Day. I am a supporter of lower taxes on fuel.

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Debate on fuel prices

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There has been a tremendous turnout today for the debate on fuel prices, with Rob Halfon leading, supported by Fair Fuel UK. I am delighted so many members are today pressing for lower taxes on behalf of constituents. Fuel taxes are a scandalous cash cow for the Treasury and it is time the motorist received a fair deal. As I replied to the many constituents who first wrote to me about the campaign, a substantial, sustainable cut to fuel duty […]

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fairfueluk.com and the advice of a referee

I am glad to support www.fairfueluk.com in their campaign: The Fair Fuel UK campaign aims to force the Government to abandon the next increase in fuel duty planned for April – this could mean another 5 pence on a litre of fuel (which means a further 23p/gallon). We also want them to put in place a fuel price stabiliser to keep fuel costs down for the long term. I am, of course, for less government, lower taxes, more freedom and more […]

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