I am glad to support www.fairfueluk.com in their campaign:

The Fair Fuel UK campaign aims to force the Government to abandon the next increase in fuel duty planned for April – this could mean another 5 pence on a litre of fuel (which means a further 23p/gallon). We also want them to put in place a fuel price stabiliser to keep fuel costs down for the long term.

I am, of course, for less government, lower taxes, more freedom and more responsibility. I’m reminded of the advice of one of my original referees, an entrepreneur, when he learned I was thinking of going into politics:

Repeat after me, “Lower taxes!”

It’s my view that government has grown far too large, that taxes are too high, that our borrowing projections are horrendous and that currency debasement, conducted to try to cope with the whole mess, is immoral, unfair and the cause of the economic and fiscal state we are in.

That’s why I put so much effort into setting up The Cobden Centre. You can find our vision here.


  1. Of course a fuel price stabiliser isn’t exactly free market.