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The EU: what next? Presentation to MHA Maclntyre Hudson

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On 21 October, MHA Maclntyre Hudson High Wycombe kindly invited me to present ideas on our exit from the EU to a large group of their clients, many of them our local businesses. My slides were as follows: Some of the documents on which I drew may be found here: Business for Britain: Change, or Go Road to Brexit, report of a conference at All Souls College, 9 September 2016 Trade Tools for the 21st Century I am most grateful to MHA Maclntyre Hudson and to all […]

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A common market with the world, not a failing common government with Europe

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International free trade is vital for any modern economy. The EU is in charge of our international trade: within the EU, the UK is unable to agree its own trade deals. Today, we trade more with countries outside the EU (56 percent) than within (44 percent).  The UK has a trade surplus of £31 billion with non-EU countries per year, but a deficit of £67.8 billion with the EU. See the relevant Commons Library brief for more. In some cases, we do more trade with countries without a trade deal than […]

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The three essential points of a successful EU renegotiation

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Our present relationship with the European Union is untenable. As David Cameron has said, “we need fundamental, far-reaching change”. We are now in a Parliament which will deliver an in/out referendum on our membership after a renegotiation by the Government. The following three points must be achieved if any renegotiation is to be successful: A sovereign Parliament. The elected representatives of the British people must have the freedom and power to determine the law which governs life in the United Kingdom.  Today, EU rules account for […]

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Introducing the Exporting is GREAT Campaign

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has launched a new pilot marketing campaign called Exporting is GREAT that will run throughout May 2013 to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) grow internationally. Exporting is GREAT is designed to increase understanding of the benefits of exporting and to drive awareness, and take-up, of the many sources of support and help available. The UKTI knows from research that international trade offers a significant boost to a company’s success. Yet less than 25% […]

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Commonwealth D-Day

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NB: this post is by Tim Hewish, my Parliamentary Researcher, and the views expressed are his own. Commonwealth Day passed the world by yesterday. As a network of nearly a third of the world’s population and with the Queen as its Head, you would think that the British would notice. The Commonwealth represents 53 nations across the globe and spans all habitable continents with English as its lingua franca and most of its legal system based on Common Law. I mention […]

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The EU should be abolished

Via Calls for a referendum on EU membership after David Cameron’s U-turn on tax | World news | The Observer: Tory and Labour MPs believe that if the eurozone moves towards a single tax system – as chancellor George Osborne advocated again – then the EU will become a fundamentally different organisation to the one the UK joined in 1973. Many also fear that Britain will come under intense pressure to adapt its tax and regulatory policies to conform more […]

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The Commonwealth: No longer a club of the past

NB: this post is by Tim Hewish, my Parliamentary Researcher. Both on the Left and the Right, there is a growing case for Britain to reassess her position in the world. One only needs to look at The Economist’s posters at tube stations and the recent Henry Jackson Society’s report: The Tipping Point: British National Strategy and the UK’s Future World Role. So the question needs to be asked: Where do we turn for investments, foreign policy objectives, and more […]

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How to transform a nation in ten steps

Brought forward. I was challenged last night to advocate flat taxes. Here’s one of my previous posts which does so. Another is here (you will have to forgive the oversize graphs). The Georgian recipe for “an amazing transformation”: Low and flat taxes Legislative commitment to reducing the government’s fiscal footprint (IE spend less!) Deregulation and cutting red tape And thereby suppressing corruption Unilateral free trade: no import tariffs or barriers of any kind Very flexible labour legislation No sector or […]

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I met today with the excellent think tank OpenEurope, along with other MPs of various parties: Open Europe is an independent think tank, with offices in London and Brussels, set up by some of the UK’s leading business people to contribute bold new thinking to the debate about the direction of the EU. While we are committed to European co-operation, Open Europe believes that the EU has reached a critical moment in its development. ‘Ever closer union’, espoused by Jean […]

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Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports

Another good reason to promote global free trade: Britain and other Western countries risk running out of supplies of certain highly sought-after rare metals that are vital to a host of green technologies, amid growing evidence that China, which has a monopoly on global production, is set to choke off exports of valuable compounds. via Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports – Asia, World – The Independent.

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