Via Calls for a referendum on EU membership after David Cameron’s U-turn on tax | World news | The Observer:

Tory and Labour MPs believe that if the eurozone moves towards a single tax system – as chancellor George Osborne advocated again – then the EU will become a fundamentally different organisation to the one the UK joined in 1973. Many also fear that Britain will come under intense pressure to adapt its tax and regulatory policies to conform more closely with the eurozone once fiscal union is under way, even if the UK remains out of the single currency.

Steve Baker, the Tory MP for Wycombe and a member of the fiercely eurosceptic 2010 Conservative intake, said: “It is very clear that the EU is heading at full speed towards being one country. As that is the case there is absolutely no doubt that the British people should be offered a vote on whether to be a part of that.”

I see no reason why fiscal planning at the EU level should be any more successful or acceptable to the European people than the arrangements which have failed. It would be better to abandon the Euro in favour of new monetary arrangements — such as competing currencies, proposed by the Treasury in November 1989 — and abolish the EU in favour of ultra-minimal arrangements under the Council of Europe to guarantee free trade and peace.

In the meantime, my People’s Pledge page is here.


  1. Kulgan of Crydee

    “then the EU will become a fundamentally different organisation to the one the UK joined in 1973”.

    The EU is already a fundamentally different organisation to the one the UK joined in 1973. The UK joined a trading organisation. The EU has ceased to be such and has a dramatic impact on our daily lives. It’s accounts have not been signed off for years. It still decants to Strasbourg once a month costing above 250m Euros per year to appease the French. There is no physical need for such actions.

    When I served in a NATO post in Belgium at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) I asked why SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) was ALWAYS an American whereas other senior military posts rotated between nations. I got two answers from an American Brigadier and the second is the one that made sense and shows why a ‘United Europe’ would never work.
    Answer 1: Because SACUER also holds the position of US Commander of American forces in Europe thereby controlling the Strategic Lift so necessary in NATO operations that no other country could provide.
    Answer 2: Because European countries could never agree to work to the common good. They always work towards the needs of their country first.

    My belief is that we should revert to being a trading organisation with the rest of EU as it makes sense. The day that EU usurped British Law was a bad day for the UK and ALL politicians who allowed it to happen should be ashamed.

  2. Gary - Manchester

    Steve – if indeed there was a referendum, I rather suspect that the overwhelming vote would be to get out of the EU.