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EU-HSE farce update

On 4 Dec, I explained how a regulatory farce between the EU and the HSE was wasting millions of taxpayers’ money while costing business millions in lost sales. I have now had an update. Thankfully, the Secretary of State has understood the position. Iain Duncan Smith has given instructions which should see this dealt with promptly. The next stage is to deal with two crucial issues: why the HSE couldn’t see the problem they were causing in the first place and […]

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The EU vs the HSE – another expensive regulatory farce

Yesterday, I heard from a local businessman about the kafkaesque nightmare that has been inflicted upon his industry by the EU – made far, far worse by our own bureaucracy. The firm manufactures water-disinfection systems used in hospitals and other health facilities. The EU has just imposed another round of over-regulation on that particular industry. The new set of rules — the Biocidal Products Regulations — are flawed but what concerns me is the new ban on the use of copper as a […]

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Three favourites among the Government’s regulation clear out

N.B. This post is written by my Parliamentary Intern, Ralph Buckle. The Government’s Red Tape Challenge has been progressing well and more details have emerged about the 600 regulations that are already due to be scrapped or improved. They make for some interesting reading and range from the completely redundant to regulations that strike at the heart of common sense. The former category includes rules regarding the Restrictive Practices Court that are still on the statute book despite the Act […]

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David Cameron: Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety

Via The Conservative Party | News | Speeches | David Cameron: Reducing the burden and impact of health and safety, David Cameron further sets out his vision to turn Britain around: Three weeks ago at the Young Lecture I said that the ultimate ambition of a future Conservative Government was to create the big society… …a thick, intricate web of mutual obligation in which we fulfil our responsibilities to ourselves and each other. I argued that achieving this vision requires […]

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