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Transport Committee to publish High Speed Rail report

Via Transport Committee to publish High Speed Rail report: The Committee has agreed to publish its Tenth Report of Session 2010–12, High Speed Rail (HC 1185-I), at 00.01 am on Tuesday 8 November. Embargoed advance PDF copies of the Report will be emailed on Monday 7 November at 8.00 am to all those who gave oral evidence. Media representatives wishing to receive embargoed PDF copies of the document should contact Hannah Pearce: pearcehm@parliament.uk. The Report will be available on The […]

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The Infrastructure Delusion | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

Infrastructure does not an economy make. Highways and railroads, airports and seaports, communications towers and fiber optics cables are essential for the flow of commerce, but it is the people, goods, and information moving over and through this infrastructure that are the heart of an economy. Overinvestment in roads, bridges, and airports means underinvestment in the productive base that is an economy’s life blood.  Government spending means more than just an outlay of dollars; it means consuming scarce resources that […]

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Six days left to respond to the HS2 consultation

THERE are just six days for residents to say ‘no’ to High Speed 2. But an action group have assured Buckinghamshire householders help is at hand to answer the Government’s public consultation. July 29 is the cut off point to respond to the questions. via Just six days to say no to HS2 (From Bucks Free Press). See also the IEA’s report, High Speed 2: the next government project disaster? For the consultation, please see highspeedrail.dft.gov.uk.  I have previously stated my opposition […]

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An extra £6-9bn for HS2?

It emerged today that the cost of a new tube line and so on to cope with passenger dispersal from Euston once HS2 is running north of Birmingham would be £6-9bn. That is not included in the business plan or the cost benefit analysis. I’m glad I asked the question. As was pointed out today, there is much at stake for the generations which follow us. Amid the casual flinging around, or indeed omission of, so much money taken from […]

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Matthew Sinclair: Why are the Government taxing ordinary motorists to pay for a rich man’s high-speed train?

Via ConservativeHome’s Platform: Matthew Sinclair: Why are the Government taxing ordinary motorists to pay for a rich man’s high-speed train? This isn’t about North vs. South. The priority should be improving links into cities in the North and South, and between Northern cities. We should be trying to deliver affordable and less crowded commuter routes instead of pouring money into making a fast intercity service somewhat faster. Even the Government’s figures show they expect most jobs to be created in […]

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Why HS2 doesn’t arouse the nation’s anger

Via the Adam Smith Institute, Why government doesn’t cut spending (even though it should) — a brief introduction to Public Choice Theory: Cutting tax and spending has concentrated costs and dispersed benefits but state spending has concentrated benefits and dispersed costs. That promotes growing state spending. It means that projects like High Speed Rail or wind farms (for example) do not generally arouse anger beyond those people who will have to put up with the downside. The situation is even […]

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Bucks HS2 Summit

I’ll be off to the Bucks HS2 summit in Aylesbury in a moment. As a member of the Transport Committee, I am delighted that we are to conduct an inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail. The Transport Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail (the HSR programme). The Committee will focus on the principal arguments for and against High Speed Rail. The Committee is not intending to examine the precise […]

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China: Off the rails? | The Economist

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The Economist reports China: Off the rails? Public support for high-speed trains is muted. The trains may reach 350km per hour but fares are proportionately eye-watering. That is all right for well-heeled travellers, happy to have an alternative to flying. But tens of millions of poor migrants who work far afield and flock home for the Chinese new year are being priced out the rail market and have to go by bus (the number of bus journeys is soaring). So, the […]

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