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Controlling immigration – Conservatives: securing a better future

Tonight is the John Hampden Grammar School Question Time which kicks off the election campaign in Wycombe. More here. In preparation for the event, I’m publishing a series of videos which set out how Conservatives are securing a better future for our country.

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Supporting Sir Bill Cash’s UK Sovereignty and Jurisdiction over Borders Bill

On 3 December, my colleague Sir Bill Cash MP, presented his United Kingdom Parliament (Sovereignty and Jurisdiction over Borders) Bill to the House of Commons. I am a supporter. The Bill aims to give supreme sovereignty to the British Parliament in relation to the UK’s membership of the European Union, including matters in respect of borders and immigration. While the United Kingdom remains a part of the European Union, the Government is unable to choose its own border controls. That is one […]

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Owen Paterson’s remarkable speech: “An Optimistic Vision of a Post-EU United Kingdom”

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On Monday, Owen Paterson made a remarkable speech, An Optimistic Vision of a Post-EU United Kingdom: I would like to see our Government brought back within the control of our own Parliament. Ministers should be properly accountable to Parliament for all aspects of Government. This would give the British people the ability to remove their real rulers by voting. Our politics would be reinvigorated. I find it extraordinary that many in our establishment mock this prospect. As a nation we […]

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FT.com / World – No more red tape, pleads business

But it is not just business which is suffering from Government intervention: Gordon Brown on Tuesday set out a raft of measures designed to stop British society fracturing during the recession, ranging from curbs on immigration and a crackdown on benefit cheats to restrictions on betting and cheap alcohol, writes George Parker. The prime minister believes an agenda of “fair rules in a fair society” will help reassure people the government is on their side, even as they start to […]

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Hazel Blears: Immigration fuels social tension

Not quite up to “Salmonella in eggs shock!”, but close. This realization lags the Conservatives by around 30 months. read more | digg story


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