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Tomorrow, an IEA afternoon conference on Christianity, politics, the poor and the planet

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Tomorrow, I am speaking at an IEA conference on Christianity, politics, the poor and the planet, addressing Christianity and inequality: Christianity and inequality Churches have always been concerned about the problem of poverty even if there are differences in views about how it should be tackled. However, in recent years, despite inequality in the world falling, there have been an increasing number of critics of the “rich” and of the level of inequality. This panel will discuss the approaches Christians should take […]

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Engineering, politics, Labour and reality

As I sit here on the train, reading a book on ethics, I am mindful of being an engineer in politics. Engineers are quintessentially pragmatic. We get things done, in the circumstances we face, with the resources we have. We may accept falling short of perfection, but we deliver things which work and improve them. However, we don’t flounder around uninformed. Aeroplanes do not fly thanks to fairy dust and software does not write itself. Aerospace engineering requires the application of […]

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The road to hell is paved with…

Good intentions, of course. Chris Huhne proposes to introduce a bill to repeal the legislation that has stripped away our rights. So far, so good: There has always been a problem for civil libertarians. The sacrifices of freedoms made by successive governments often seem small, particularly when they are pushed through at times of panic about terrorism. Each time, the government argues that you only need to give up a modest amount of freedom or rights to win greater security. […]

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FT.com: House prices show sharpest monthly fall since 1992

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More housing market woe: The FT House Price Index recorded a drop of 1.3 per cent in August, the single largest monthly fall since October 1992, according to the latest figures released on Friday. This article places the problem into another perspective, that of the Austrian School of economics: The truth is that credit expansion is responsible not only for the boom-bust cycle but also for another major negative phenomenon for which public opinion mistakenly blames capitalism: namely, sharply increased […]

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