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Book review: The Golden Revolution – How to prepare for the coming global gold standard, Butler

Conservative economic policy is easily recognised when stated as balanced budgets, low taxes and sound money. Today, these are a distant prospect. For all the work the Government have done, this year’s net financing requirement is £144.9 billion, larger than the health budget (£140bn) or education (£98bn). As my weekend brief explains, “The Government have delivered a typical tax cut of £705 for over 25 million people and taken over 3 million people out of [income] tax altogether”, however, please contact […]

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Book review: Ouch! Ignorance is bliss, except when it hurts…

Once I saw George Selgin referenced on page 7, the paper dollar criticised on page 8 and a Zim$100 trillion note on page 12, I knew I would enjoy Ouch!: Ignorance is Bliss, Except when It Hurts- What You Don’t Know About Money and Why It Matters (More Than You Think). It’s a wonderful read. From the jacket: We live in a world dominated by a system that most of us aren’t aware of, never mind understand. When it comes […]

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Autumn Statement chart of the day: tax and spending

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The economic facts behind the Autumn Statement, in as far as they are known or forecast, are available in the Economic and Fiscal Outlook from the Office for Budget Responsibility. Table 4.7 provides forecast current receipts. Table 4.18 provides total managed expenditure. So, here’s a chart of current receipts (i.e. tax) and total managed expenditure (i.e. spending) for the next few years: The reality is that the Government intend to increase spending every year of the forecast period and to meet […]

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Buffett’s $5 billion ‘vote of confidence’ in Bank of America » The Cobden Centre

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor on the planet and a very smart fellow.  His core team also gave me a job in October 2000 at GenRe Financial Products, and I have always held him in high regard. He has invested $5 billion in Bank of America on 25th August. But was the Wall Street Journal correct to headline the deal a “Vote of Confidence” in the bank? Read more via Gordon Kerr’s Buffett’s $5 billion ‘vote of confidence’ in […]

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Must read, paywall or not: Fame & fortune: Why I bet the ranch on cattle

In today’s world it’s impossible to be a saver. You’re forced to be a speculator because cash is being undervalued by governments through quantitative easing (QE) [printing money]. I buy hard assets, such as commodities, although there are few bargains anymore. via Fame & fortune: Why I bet the ranch on cattle | The Sunday Times.

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