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The CPS on benefits, reform, big government and data

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I am an Associate Member of the Centre for Policy Studies and I always enjoy reading their pamphlets: they remind me I am not alone. I caught up with the following four yesterday on the train. The theme? Putting humanity back into our society. Click the images to download the pamphlets as PDFs. The Reality Gap – an analysis of the failure of big government demonstrates that more government means worse. Jill Kirby writes of voter disenchantment and indicates that, […]

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£18 billion scandal as Whitehall’s IT plans spin out of control – Times Online

It is time government discovered agile software development: Some of Whitehall’s biggest computer projects have spiralled out of control, with total cost overruns of more than £18 billion, an investigation by The Times can reveal. Plans for new computer systems are years behind schedule and have ballooned in cost; others have been scaled back or even scrapped. Yet companies continue to make hundreds of millions of pounds in profit, with £102.3 billion forecast to be spent on government IT projects […]

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