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What people want

The statutory body “The Committee on Climate Change” has announced: Cutting gross UK aviation emissions in 2050 to 2005 levels together with 90% emissions cuts in other sectors would achieve the required economy wide 80% emissions reduction which has been committed to by the UK under the Climate Change Act. […]

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Did You Hear the One About… by Floy Lilley

Did you hear the one about bobbing heads on Sunday agreeing that the cause of the Great Depression was the absence of government guidance? “The Great Depression would never have happened if there had been any economic regulations,” agreed the policy wonks. Oh, really? So you think a free society […]

Read More – Call for more intervention on energy

Via / UK / Politics & policy – Call for more intervention on energy: An “interventionist” approach by the government will be needed if security of energy supply is to be guaranteed, a report commissioned by the prime minister will conclude on Wednesday. Malcolm Wicks, the former energy minister […]

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Norwich North, the Greens and the credit crisis

Today while telling in Norwich North, I was joined by a charming lady from the Green Party. In conversation, she indicated the Green view that the present crisis was caused by the liberalisation of banking and the operation of the free market. I explained the ways in which I disagreed. […]

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Political power and democratic control in Britain

With all the debate about quangos, I wondered whether anyone had made the case against them based on the Rule of Law. And so I found and added to my reading list Political power and democratic … – Google Books: There is a sense in which quasi-government diminishes the role and […]

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Atlas Shrugged

Yesterday, I finished Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a book which seems to be enjoying a fashionable resurgence. Atlas Shrugged is, from the jacket: The astounding story of a man who said that he would stop the motor of the world — and did. … It is a mystery story, not […]

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