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Helping a Spanish team explain the crisis: Fraud

I recently gave an interview to fraudedocumental.com towards their forthcoming documentary on the crisis. A good number of my colleagues in the UK and Europe will be appearing in the film: Fraud. Why the Great Recession (Official Trailer) from amagifilms on Vimeo. One of the stars is Jesús Huerta de Soto, author of the brilliant Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles , which set out, from a sound theoretical basis, the mechanisms of this crisis as long ago as 1998 […]

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Buckinghamshire County Council Webcasting

Bucks County Council now webcasts its meetings. But what’s a webcast? It’s a transmission of audio and video over the internet. Video cameras capture our committee meetings and make them available for you to watch live. Webcasts are also available after the meeting, usually within 48 hours of the meeting. Archived meetings have handy index points allowing you to jump to specific agenda items or speakers. More via Webcast home: Buckinghamshire County Council Webcasting.

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Criticising HS2 via the FT

Via High-speed rail link must be built, economists insist – FT.com: Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe, said he was unconvinced that the huge cost of the scheme was justified. “The maths doesn’t add up; this is just sinking capital into a lossmaking project. If you’re going to use the power of the state to do that, then you shouldn’t be surprised that this country is getting poorer.” I’m grateful to Guido Fawkes for making this his quote of the day.

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Something to look forward to from the BBC on money and banking (perhaps)

In this mad age of yet further taxpayer-backed lending, the BBC’s new series may or may not be something to look forward to: More here.

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The Spectator asks me about books

Welcome to the inaugural post of Bookbenchers where we ask backbench MPs what they read when they’re not white paper-pushing. Kicking things off is Steve Baker, former engineer officer in the RAF and currently MP for Wycombe – when he isn’t helping run the educational charity The Cobden Centre, or skydiving. via Book Blog | The Spectator.

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Via ZeroHedge: BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

Via ZeroHedge, an interview which astonishes me only in as much as this has appeared on the BBC: As I have indicated again and again and again and again, our present economic system is in profound trouble and it will not be fixed by bailouts. We need money which holds its value: money which has meaning, not money which can be systematically debased to secretly cover politicians’ promises. As I said on the Vine Show recently, generations of politicians have failed us. […]

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Discussing Kashmir on radio and TV

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Last Saturday, I was delighted to appear on High Wycombe’s Awaaz Radio to discuss Kashmir and our recent debate in Parliament. Last night, we followed up an invitation to appear on Takbeer TV with their anchor Sheraz Khan, presenting a copy of Hansard covering the debate. Our live interview will be rebroadcast at 0900 on Sky 845 today.

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Article on the money supply at thejc.com

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Via Honesty is best policy | The Jewish Chronicle, my article on measuring the money supply: Ask economists how much money there is and you will get many answers. You know money is what you can exchange for real goods and services, but economists often include things like time deposits, which cannot be spent because they have fixed terms. Money is one half of every transaction, so its supply really matters. According to my colleague Dr Anthony J Evans of Kaleidic […]

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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Via Journeyman Pictures, I finally got around to watching this documentary from March on the next financial crisis – the one ahead: There’s a path to be walked between denial and despair. It’s a rejection of bailouts, stimulus and easy money, and an embrace of sound economics. Part of that embrace is a profound change to our financial institutions and the incentives which surround them: hence The Cobden Centre, an educational charity for social progress through honest money, free trade […]

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Public life – how low can we go?

I came into politics out of fury with a political elite which was positively trampling the principles of democracy and an open society. By 2007, what Labour were doing to our country was awful enough, but then the handling of the Lisbon Treaty was the final straw: what a witches’ brew of deceit, sophisty and betrayal surrounded that unacceptable affront to government with the consent of the governed. I thought we could go no lower. And then came the expenses […]

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