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Mises – Escape from the Depreciating Dollar

The most important priority right now is dramatic monetary reform. … People should be free to use any money they can get each other to accept. More than that, people should be free to introduce new moneys based on gold or silver or any other commodity, and develop payment systems […]

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Money: Its Importance, Origins, and Operations

A classic book we should all read: it’s next on my list. So prices, overall, can change for only two reasons: If the supply of money increases, prices will rise; if the supply falls, prices will fall. If the demand for money increases, prices will fall (PPM rises); if the […]

Read More Banks fall despite short-selling ban

The FT reports* on the continuing sale of financial firms’ securities: A recent ban on short selling failed to halt the sell-off in the financial services sector in London on Tuesday as doubts about the effectiveness of a proposed $700bn US government rescue plan grew. Details of the plans for […]

Read More “Has Capitalism Failed?”

Reflecting on the demise of Lehman Brothers and on Bank of America’s purchase of Merrill Lynch, I revisited an article by recent US presidential candidate Ron Paul, posted on Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven’t had capitalism. A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money […]

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Continuing a study of money

In continuing my sometimes-reported study of money, I have been reading Milton Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom”. After dismissing a thoroughly automatic commodity standard, chiefly on the grounds of practicality, Friedman moves on. Reviewing the establishment and effects of the Federal Reserve System, he writes: No sooner was the [Federal Reserve] […]

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“Challenge to America”

From “Challenge to America: A Current Assessment of Our Republic” by Ron Paul: Third Way compromise, or bipartisan cooperation, can never reconcile the differences between those who produce and those who live off others. It will only make it worse. Theft is theft, and forced redistribution of wealth is just […]

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