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My iPad is my own!

A story in The Sun today – MPs vote to have an iPad … in £400k bid to save paper costs – says MPs will be issued with iPads to save paper – at a cost of £400,000 to the taxpayer. Top range iPads are £659 but the Commons would expect a discount for buying in bulk. Apparently a dozen MPs have already bought iPad’s on expenses and claim the data charges of around £15 a month.  We are already entitled to […]

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The Young Britons’ Foundation

I spoke today to the Young Briton’s Foundation, setting out the social, political and economic factors behind our present crisis and what might be done about it. Via About Us | The Young Britons’ Foundation: The Young Britons’ Foundation is a non-partisan, not-for-profit educational, research and training organisation that promotes conservatism in schools, colleges and universities. YBF identifies, trains, mentors and places philosophically sound activists in politics, academia and the media. My primary message was support for the Coalition, as of […]

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Tuition fees rise ‘vital for future’ says Wycombe MP Steve Baker

RAISING tuition fees is “a vital part of building a better future”, Wycombe MP Steve Baker has told students, ahead of Thursday’s vote in the House of Commons. Buckinghamshire’s MPs, all Conservative, look set to back the Government’s controversial policy on higher education. via Tuition fees rise ‘vital for future’ says Wycombe MP Steve Baker as Bucks MPs set for Thursday’s vote in the House of Commons. (From Bucks Free Press).

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How to transform a nation in ten steps

Brought forward. I was challenged last night to advocate flat taxes. Here’s one of my previous posts which does so. Another is here (you will have to forgive the oversize graphs). The Georgian recipe for “an amazing transformation”: Low and flat taxes Legislative commitment to reducing the government’s fiscal footprint (IE spend less!) Deregulation and cutting red tape And thereby suppressing corruption Unilateral free trade: no import tariffs or barriers of any kind Very flexible labour legislation No sector or […]

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My maiden speech

My maiden speech is now available via Hansard: It is a great honour to enter this House and I am grateful to the people of the historic constituency of Wycombe for sending me here. I very much look forward to serving them. Throughout my campaign, I was strictly forbidden to quote Disraeli, as he fought the constituency at least three times I think, and lost. Today, as we are in coalition, it is my great pleasure to use this perhaps […]

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A contract between the Conservative Party and you

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Via The Conservative Party | Policy | Our Contract With You: We go into the general election on 6 May with trust in politics and politicians at an all-time low. And I can understand why: the years of broken promises, the expenses scandal, the feeling that politicians have become too remote from the people – they’ve all taken their toll. That’s why I’m making this contract with you. For too long, you’ve been lied to by politicians saying they can sort […]

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A modest General Election playlist

Courtesy of We7.com: Free music – General Election 2010 I would have included more Rage Against the Machine but their language is distinctly unparliamentary. Update: One BFP reader felt this was a little frivolous in the context of our floundering economy. I recommend my economics posts.

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Brown’s support for the US rescue plan

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The BBC reports Gordon Brown’s clumsy remarks on the US rescue plan: “America and Britain have always stood together as one in times of difficulty and challenging times, and I have told President Bush today that facing global turbulence Britain supports the US plan,” he said. “Whatever the details of it, it is the right thing to do.” But aren’t the details rather important? We can and should do better. read more | digg story

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