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The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies » The Cobden Centre

A fascinating perspective from Robert Thorpe at The Cobden Centre – The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies: The governments of Portugal and Ireland are waiting for Greece to default. If that happens then it will likely trigger the bankruptcy of several European banks*. This is the “Second Lehmann Brothers” the UK press have been discussing that could cause another financial crisis. I think such a crisis is likely to happen, but for political reasons more than economic ones. If one […]

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Kitesurfers at an Algarve beach

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Kitesurfers at an Algarve beach, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Follow the link for a few shots from Portugal.

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Something to look forward to: Skydive Algarve

Just booked a trip to Skydive Algarve: View Larger Map This trip is expected to be 2, 3 and 4-way formation work, without coaching, from altitudes as high as 22,500 feet. Exciting. Carbon-neutral of course.

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