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EU propaganda and the potential for a referendum

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I had a meeting at Europe House earlier today. It’s the European Parliament Information Office in the United Kingdom. I picked up some of their propaganda — there’s no other word for it. Blosssom Lane — on the evil of cars. The Blue Island — on the importance of licensing and certification. Hope for the Kayakos — on runaway global warming and the joy of pre-industrial life. Opportunities and resources for young people in the EU — The Erasmus, Comenius, […]

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EU debates yesterday

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Yesterday, the Commons debated three important issues relating to the European Union: the 2013 EU Budget increase, reform of the Court of Justice of the EU, and the creation of an EU special representative for human rights. EU plans to increase its budget by 6.8% would lead to the UK’s contribution increasing by around £810m. Our 2012 contribution is 11.3% of the total EU budget; the proposed 2013 fund would mean the initial cost to UK taxpayers would be around £12.7bn. […]

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EU motion of the day: Home Affairs Funds for 2014-20

It’s unintelligible bureaucratese of course. From the order paper for today:  9 HOME AFFAIRS FUNDS FOR 2014-20                                           [No debate] Damian Green James Brokenshire That this House takes note of European Union Documents No. 17289/11, relating to a draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Asylum and Migration Fund, No. 17287/11, relating to a draft Regulation of […]

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Two questions in the House on an EU referendum and responsibility in banking

Today, I had two questions during statements. I welcomed the progress the Prime Minister is making towards a referendum on our relationship with the EU and asked him to remind us who denied the public a say on the Lisbon Treaty – Labour. I then asked the Chancellor to look again at my Financial Institutions (Reform) Bill, which would transfer commercial risk into the banks, ending the incentives which create a culture of recklessness and rule-breaking. Questions are useful, but […]

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The Owen Plan’s questions are too obscure

Today, The Times has coverage of Lord Owen’s sensible ideas on Europe but, as my wife has pointed out, his referendum questions are too complex. Instead of asking “Do you want the UK to be part of the single market in a wider European community?” just ask, “Do you want trade with Europe?” And not “Do you want the UK to remain in the EU, keeping open the option of joining the more integrated Eurozone?” just “Do you want the […]

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The UK faces a €149.2 billion liability to the EU

The Bruges Group’s latest report has exposed that the UK is facing a maximum potential loss of €149.2 billion on its financial commitments to the EU and the Euro. The report reveals the full extent of our obligations in respect of the present and future debts of EU institutions including: How the Government’s defined position is questionable in law and therefore has led it to underestimate its full potential exposure to EU debt; and That the true extent of the […]

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The latest Government stance on Kashmir

Last week, the Foreign Secretary launched the Government’s Human Rights and Democracy Report. The Report is a comprehensive look at the human rights work of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office around the world. The Foreign Secretary has said that 2011 will stand out as a positive year for human rights and democracy. He went on to say that the UK is one of the most active governments in the world when it comes to promoting human rights and that this […]

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Democratic self-determination is a basic right: both Kashmir and the UK should have referenda on who governs them

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After Easter, I spent a week in Pakistan and Kashmir, visiting Islamabad, Thara, Sava, Dadyal, Mirpur and Skardu, which is in the northern Gilgit-Baltistan province. During a live news conference with Kashmir’s Prime Minister, I was asked why I take the time to support the cause of democratic self-determination for Kashmir. There are three reasons. First, the essence of representative democracy is representation. I joined the Party in the Autumn of 2007 when, thanks to the transformation of the EU […]

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Localism Bill becomes law

Last week, the Localism Bill was passed into law. I was glad to support its passage.  Through 13 years of New Labour, we witnessed continual moves towards centralised planning and micro-managing of our everyday lives. This new law will see central government interference cut and give power back to citizens, community groups and local councils. To accompany the Act, the Government have helpfully updated the ‘plain English guide’ that was produced to accompany the Bill. You can read it here. […]

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On the EU, social thinking and local democracy

The People’s Pledge offered me the chance to supply a guest blog post, in which I argue that the EU should be abolished: I detested the European Constitution. It was palpably statist and bound to produce an unaccountable bureaucracy. It was everything Hayek warned us about in The Road to Serfdom and against which Popper railed in The Open Society and its Enemies: a little elite was to steer our lives by widespread intervention – for our own good you […]

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