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I wonder what the weather is like on Planet EU?

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Via Open Europe: The European Commission will next week propose that the budget for the European Union in 2012 should be increased from its current level. The proposal will set in train a prolonged period of wrangling between the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, over both the total level of spending and the allocation of the budget to specific policy areas. As ever, our EU overlords appear to be on a different and quite remote planet. You can read […]

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Tightening the EU Bill

During the debate on the EU Bill in committee, David Lidington was kind enough to acknowledge my contribution among a group of MPs who have helped tighten the conditions around the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor: We have decided to single out the European public prosecutor because that was a clear and explicit commitment in the coalition agreement and the coalition programme. The agreement stated: “Britain will not participate in the establishment of any European Public Prosecutor.” In accordance […]

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The EU Bill in committee vs human flourishing

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We seem to be spending an excessive amount of time debating Labour’s rather tedious amendment to the EU Bill (Clause 1, Amendment 85). It would introduce a European Union Referendum Committee. I should think it will be safely defeated but it is a pity that we will not reach Peter Bone’s amendment to require an in/out referendum after a referendum result refusing a transfer of powers to the EU. At least, it seems we will not reach it today… Stepping […]

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Comment Central – Times Online – WBLG: What the Conservatives should do about Europe

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I am constantly amazed by the equivocation of people who really should understand the importance of being able to dismiss a government at the ballot box. I love Europe. I want deeper, freer relations among European people — all people for that matter — but I am not prepared to surrender democratic control of power in order to install a government which plans to force what could happen naturally. And yet here is Daniel Finkelstein’s view: Second, they risk looking […]

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CentreRight: One hundred reasons why Ireland should say ‘no’ (again) to Lisbon

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Via CentreRight: One hundred reasons why Ireland should say ‘no’ (again) to Lisbon: Jim McConalogue, Editor of The European Journal and occasionally of this parish, has listed one hundred reasons why Ireland should again reject Lisbon. It was disclosed at the weekend that Ryanair are helping to bankroll the ‘Yes campaign’ which current opinion polling suggests is on course for victory. Read more here, and if you have not done so, it is well worth watching Daniel Hannan’s speech to […]

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