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Update on Penn School

I have taken a close interest in developments relating to Penn School. I agree with many of my constituents that the administration of the failed Rayners Special Education Trust and the future use of the school site are matters of public interest. I have no direct authority over either the administration of Rayners Special Education Trust by Deloitte, or decisions over the school site’s future. However, I remain in contact with relevant bodies in the hope of ensuring a satisfactory conclusion. […]

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Autumn Budget 2017: How the Budget helps Wycombe People

The Chancellor presented his Budget to Parliament yesterday. Many of the Budget measures will positively benefit Wycombe, including The abolition of stamp duty land tax on homes under £300,000 for first-time buyers, New financial support for house building over the next five years, Increases in the National Living and National Minimum Wage, Freezing of fuel duty for the eighth year in a row, and Further opportunities for our local NHS to receive additional capital investment. This weblink provides a useful summary of what […]

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Academies enhance self-government: why not go co-operative?

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I am grateful to everyone who wrote to me over the Government’s potential plans to complete the process of turning all schools into academies by, at the end, forcing schools which do not choose for themselves to convert. Academies are one of the few things Labour got right, blazing the trail for high educational attainment since they were established in 2002. Claims made by those on the left that academisation means privatization are bizarre: these remain state schools. Since 2010, there […]

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Cressex Community School Ofsted Report

At the beginning of July, Cressex Community School underwent an Ofsted inspection. The School was previously graded as ‘requiring improvement’ in October 2012, so I am delighted that the result was ‘good’. The report states that “the improvement in students’ achievement is a direct result of the school’s drive to improve learning and teaching. Teaching is good and improving. Teachers have high expectations and are ambitious for students’ achievement.” I want to congratulate all at Cressex Community School for this […]

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Conservative plans for additional school places

The Government has announced an extra £2.35 billion to create more school places. This is in addition to the £5 billion that is already being spent in this Parliament. This means that between 2014 and 2017 schools in Buckinghamshire will receive £16.2m. It is the first time that councils have had 3-year allocations of funding to spend on school places, so Bucks County Council can plan ahead and ensure every child has a school place. This Government has already created […]

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The pressure on school places and incentives to solve the problem

For the Telegraph, Fraser Nelson asks, Will Michael Gove’s schools revolution be just another false start? He sets out a crucial problem in education: David Cameron’s problem is not that Michael Gove might be run over by a bus. His problem is, this weekend, that quite a few mothers wouldn’t mind if he were. By the time tomorrow’s post is opened another 50,000 female voters will have good reason to curse the Education Secretary. The last of the primary school admissions letters will […]

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Westminster to Wycombe: A view from Wycombe Abbey

NB This post has been kindly written by Tiffany Lau, Yr 12, Wycombe Abbey School – outlining her thoughts and experiences of the Westminister to Wycombe debate  Many misconceptions were cleared up at today’s Westminster to Wycombe Parliamentary debating event at Highcrest Academy, High Wycombe. Here are just a few. 1.     Politics is boring. Debating in a British Parliament format more or less clears up this misconception. There were quality debates on overseas aid, public spending and the deficit, the […]

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Bucks home to school transport consultation ends on 31 Jan

Via Bucks County Council: Time running out for consultation on the future of home to school transport There are only [8] days left for parents to have their say on the proposed changes to Buckinghamshire’s home to school transport policy, due to be implemented in September 2012.  The changes, likely to affect the majority of secondary school pupils, would mean that transport will only be provided to the pupil’s nearest secondary school.  Under the existing policy, pupils currently receive free […]

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Teachers as heroes

It’s Parliamentary recess, but recess isn’t time off: it’s time to catch up and to work in the Constituency, carrying out all those visits which simply aren’t possible when Parliament is sitting four days a week. One of the greatest privileges I have as MP for Wycombe is visiting our schools. In the past week, I have been to Highcrest, Cressex and a nearby school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. My overriding impression is the dedication of teachers […]

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Telegraph: “Middle class to lose its grip on best state schools”

I’m sure this will attract a mixed reaction: The Coalition is planning to allow hundreds of secondary schools to control their own entry policies and Michael Gove warmly praised the system, which allocates places according to academic ability and reserves many places for children with the weakest performance. “Fair-banding” admissions schemes are often seen as a way of breaking the middle-class dominance in the best-performing state secondaries since they prevent affluent parents from monopolising places by paying a premium to […]

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