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Telegraph: “Middle class to lose its grip on best state schools”

I’m sure this will attract a mixed reaction: The Coalition is planning to allow hundreds of secondary schools to control their own entry policies and Michael Gove warmly praised the system, which allocates places according to academic ability and reserves many places for children with the weakest performance. “Fair-banding” admissions schemes are often seen as a way of breaking the middle-class dominance in the best-performing state secondaries since they prevent affluent parents from monopolising places by paying a premium to […]

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Cressex Community School visit

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Last Friday, I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit the Cressex Community School. In recent weeks, it has created local history by becoming the first state-maintained Trust School in Buckinghamshire and one of the first Cooperative Trust schools in England. Co-operatives have a fundamental role in creating a supply-side revolution in the education system. For far too long we have been told by government what we should want and how we should receive it. Those days are thankfully […]

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