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Self-defence training with Combat Academy

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It seemed like a good idea to accept an invitation from Combat Academy on my day off. It was. As they say on their site: Our self defence training philosophy, concepts and techniques are among the best in the world and if you are looking for self defence training that really works in the harsh reality of an actual attack or assault then Combat Academy can help. We didn’t video the training but here are a couple of demonstrations with […]


Defining “reasonable force” in practice

After the riots last year, I wrote to the Home Secretary asking what would be a reasonable use of force by a property owner in defence of their own or their neighbours’ property and what constitutes reasonable force by the police in the prevention of crime, both in the circumstances of a riot?  I said “I hope in Parliament we established that the state’s duty is to protect the law-abiding and their property first and foremost, and that the police […]

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What is “reasonable force” in a riot?

As Londoners take to defending their own lives, property and communities, it seems the state is failing in its first duty: to defend life, liberty and property. A good number of my constituents have written — dismayed by the shameful, reckless behaviour they have seen on TV — demanding that tougher action be taken with rioters. My understanding of the law (and I am not a lawyer) is that “A person may use such force as is reasonable in the […]

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