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Underground access – shale gas

The Government is currently running a consultation on proposals to reform the procedures for securing underground access to oil and gas deposits. The consultation aims to find the right balance between the legitimate interests and concerns of landowners, and the benefits to the community and nation at large of permitting development where that development is otherwise acceptable in planning and environmental terms. Several constituents have contacted me about the proposals that were detailed in the Queen’s Speech: it should be […]

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Shale Gas Revolution

As I have mentioned in the the House previously: It seems that we have vast, abundant and cheap sources of gas in this country. We should be going through a shale gas revolution… Of course there are problems, but as an engineer I just see problems to be solved and risks to be mitigated. I think we should get on with it. British shale gas may represent an opportunity for both economic prosperity and energy security for decades to come. […]

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New Report: Shale Gas Shock Challenges Climate and Energy Policies

Via the GWPF, a new report – Shale Gas Shock Challenges Climate and Energy Policies: London, 4 May – The Global Warming Policy Foundation today publishes a detailed report about the shale gas revolution and its likely implications for UK and international climate policy. The report The Shale Gas Shock, written by Matt Ridley and with a foreword by Professor Freeman Dyson, finds that shale gas: is not only abundant but relatively cheap and therefore promises to take market share from nuclear, coal and renewable […]

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