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Could you donate a holiday to an armed forces family?

Via www.giveustime.org.uk, Give Us Time provides holidays to help families adjust to life after combat. This is possible thanks to generously donated week-long holidays in second homes, holiday homes and timeshares across the UK and beyond. Will you help by donating one week of time? Find out more here.  

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Social Enterprise in Wycombe: Out of the Dark

Following the success of Street Dreams, Jay and Jade have launched Out of the Dark in Wycombe, a social enterprise based around our traditional furniture industry. Out of the Dark recycles, repurposes and revamps salvaged furniture as a means to educate, train and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Together with the excellent Wycombe-based HighWay Productions, we made this short video to promote the enterprise: Steve Baker MP visits Out of the Dark from HighWay Productions on Vimeo. To learn […]

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The Oasis Project

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On Tuesday, we paused the campaign for the Party’s social action day, which allowed us to get involved with a good local charity. We were very glad to join the Oasis Project with Pastor John Richards. The Lane End Oasis Centre is a good news story which is set to roll out to other communities in Wycombe. The project began when a youth group became difficult to manage and it was decided to teach young people practical skills with a […]

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Breakthrough Britain

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Last night, we had the church hustings in High Wycombe at which I stated that I accept that all the candidates want to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone. I was glad that this was the message with which the chairman ended the meeting. Conservatives are committed to a Big Society which works for everyone. Key to reaching this position has been the work of Iain Duncan Smith’s non-partisan Centre for Social Justice. Consider this from Breakdown Britain, which […]

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Street Dreams

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Today, I visited Jade and Jay, co-founders of Street Dreams to discuss their work in Wycombe’s deprived communities. Too many people wrongly assume that Buckinghamshire is a utopia without social problems, but, as I have reported before, there is every reason to support good quality social action here. Jay and Jade explained how they help “disadvantaged, disengaged and disruptive young people to help them achieve a sustainable positive life”. We discussed a wide range of issues from drug dealing and […]

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Fifteen Cornwall

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Fifteen Cornwall, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Thoroughly recommended: http://www.fifteencornwall.co.uk/. Everything was excellent, including the view. Fifteen Cornwall, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker.

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Social action: manning the local night shelter

I will be manning our local night shelter between January and March. Homelessness is a subject close to my heart. It is a scandal that — in this age and with such levels of spending on social security — people are forced to sleep rough. It is a scandal we should not tolerate.

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