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Book review: On God’s Side, Jim Wallis

I enjoyed meeting Jim Wallis in Parliament through The Bible Society. He’s undoubtedly a great orator with a huge heart for service to other people in fulfilment of the Christian faith we share. I mostly delighted in his book, On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned About Serving the Common Good. The book’s key inspiration is a saying of Abraham Lincoln, My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be […]

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Documentary on my time in rehab: Drink, Drugs and Democracy

I recently took the Centre for Social Justice Inner City Challenge, spending three days in drug and alcohol rehabilitation with ex-offenders at Acorn Treatment. My article on the experience is here: My placement with Acorn was emotionally exhausting. To share a few days full-time with people who have experienced life’s very worst aspects would be a challenge. To layer on top the drama of active rehabilitation was searing. There must be justice but, after that, mercy, forgiveness and transformation. That is what Acorn […]

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A remarkable visit to Acorn Treatment

Yesterday, I completed a remarkable visit to Acorn Treatment. I saw some serial offenders confronting their own lives and the consequences of their actions, often criminal, on others. I also heard some of the atrocious things which they had suffered at the hands of others, including their own families. I saw remorse, acceptance, struggle and transformation. There was real joy shining forth from those who have escaped cycles of addiction and crime and who are now looking forward to healthy […]

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CSJ placement with Acorn Treatment in progress

With thanks to the Centre for Social Justice, I’ll be with Acorn Treatment in Manchester for a few days, learning about their treatment and housing programme for drug and alcohol users. From their site: Acorn Treatment and Housing (formally ADAS) has been a successful treatment provider for over 13 years. Oak House, our first project, opened in Stockport in 1997 as a day centre offering treatment to individuals and their families affected by addiction. Since opening, we have treated hundreds […]

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Brussels poses serious threat to our welfare reforms – Telegraph

IDS writes for the Telegraph: This Government is currently striving to build a new welfare system, one based on a fairer deal between claimants and the British taxpayer. But a decision emerging from Europe this week has the potential to completely undermine these reforms. The UK has no problem playing its part in supporting the free movement of labour in the EU. However, what the EU is now trying to do is get us to provide benefits for those who […]

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More banking sector bailouts? When will the madness end? – Telegraph Blogs

The excellent Andrew Lilico: More banking sector bailouts? When will the madness end? The IMF Global Stability Report suggests that banks might be €200-€300 billion down as a result of the Eurozone crisis.  The predictable cry has arisen that this shortfall should be made up by governments.  Really?  So, let’s see. It’s well worth a read. The previously prevailing consensus is unsustainable: banks must stand as commercial enterprises. As Andrew writes, “It’s not up to poor people to pay taxes […]

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These welfare reforms won’t hit the spot – Frank Field MP

An article well worth reading in full – These welfare reforms won’t hit the spot – Frank Field MP: Overwhelmingly, voters reject the idea that the right to welfare should be decided on grounds of need. A vast majority insists that welfare should instead be earned. Voters are deeply uneasy with the direction of policy, begun in the early Sixties, that has seen Britain move away from its insurance-based system, where benefits were awarded only to those who had paid in, […]

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On capital, international development and raising the poor out of poverty

Via The Economic Role of Saving and Capital Goods – Mises Institute (emphasis mine): What distinguishes contemporary life in the countries of Western civilization from conditions as they prevailed in earlier ages – and still exist for the greater number of those living today – is not the changes in the supply of labor and the skill of the workers and not the familiarity with the exploits of pure science and their utilization by the applied sciences, by technology. It is […]

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On the biggest threat to our prosperity

From a superb article by Detlev Schlichter, which I recommend in full: Of course, by printing new money, expanding the central bank balance sheet and artificially lowering interest rates, – something that has been done on a vast scale for decades on end! – extra economic activity can be generated for a period. Lower interest rates fool the public into believing that more savings are available, that the consumer is okay with more resources being diverted from meeting present consumption […]

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New Deal in Old Rome

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From the Mises store: How Government in the Ancient World Tried to Deal with Modern Problems What a fantastic way to learn ancient history: via the parallels with modern times. H.J. Haskell was a journalist with a huge background in ancient history, and here he does what everyone has wanted done. He details the amazing catalog of government interventions in old Rome that eventually brought the empire down. He shows the spending, the inflating, the attempt to fix prices and […]

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