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Political power and democratic control in Britain

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With all the debate about quangos, I wondered whether anyone had made the case against them based on the Rule of Law. And so I found and added to my reading list Political power and democratic … – Google Books: There is a sense in which quasi-government diminishes the role and authority of Parliament as well as its more obvious erosion of local government. In practice, the quango state removes layers and ares of policy-making and action from the parliamentary — […]

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“Britain’s Road to Socialism”

From some people who need to read, as Hayek did, von Mises with a critical but open mind: The peoples of the world are confronted today with problems of enormous magnitude. These include the ever-growing poverty and widespread malnutrition and disease which afflict billions of the world’s six billion population; war and the threat of nuclear catastrophe; and the environmental and ecological time-bomb which adds a new threat to human survival. This need not be so. Never before in history […]

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Banks, economic interventionism and the cause of the credit crisis

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(This post is a precis of Huerta de Soto’s Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles pp650-653, presenting an argument which was famously expounded by von Mises in Socialism. Among the young idealists who were attracted to socialism after the Great War, who came through these arguments expressed in full to understand that they “had been looking for improvement in the wrong direction”, was F A Hayek, Author of The Road to Serfdom, Nobel Prize winner and proponent of the denationalization […]

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Reconciling ourselves to capitalism

Reflecting on aspects of the debate about capitalism, I picked this out of Liberalism, the Classical Tradition: To advocate private ownership of the means of production is by no means to maintain that the capitalist social system, based on private property, is perfect. There is no such thing as earthly perfection. Even in the capitalist system something or other, many things, or even everything may not be exactly to the liking of this or that individual. But it is the […]

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Labour’s Class Law

An end to equality before the law? Every public body will have to take class background into account when making decisions under radical new legislation unveiled by the Government today. The law means that all public authorities – from Whitehall to local councils – will be subject to an over-arching legal duty to bridge the divide between rich and poor. The new duty, which is to be tacked onto the Equalities Bill, has been described by one Cabinet minister as […]

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Cheer from Noel Coward

Free music – There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner (1999 Digital Remaster)

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Independence from the state

From 1968: To return to the personal theme, if we accept the need for increasing responsibility for self and family it means that we must stop approaching things in an atmosphere of restriction. There is nothing wrong in people wanting larger incomes. It would seem a worthy objective for men and women to wish to raise the standard of living for their families and to give them greater opportunities than they themselves had. I wish more people would do it. […]

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Noel Coward – “There are Bad Times Just Around The Corner”

Sarah Kennedy cheered us this morning with Noel Coward’s “There are Bad Times Just Around The Corner“: There are bad times just around the corner And the outlook’s absolutely vile, You can take this from us That when they Atom bomb us We are NOT going to tighten our belts and smile smile smile, We are in such a mess It couldn’t matter less If a world revolution is just ahead, We’d better all learn the lyrics of the old […]

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“Thought for to-day”: stand firm for freedom

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From the Conservative Party Archive, poster 1950-11: The poster archive is an engaging place to spend a half hour, particularly when you realise that Labour are still socialists.

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