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Has freedom failed?

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I’m not given to authoritarianism but if I were, this chart from the report of the 2020 Tax Commission would be in every MP’s office: I would have thought anyone, with a moment’s reflection, would understand that limited government was another casualty of the world wars. As I have said before, if this is capitalism, I am not a capitalist.

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The transformation of our society: the Labour vote and state spending

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Two charts show how our society has been transformed in the last century or so: the party share of the UK popular vote and UK state spending as a proportion of GDP. Via Wikipedia, the parties’ vote shares since about 1830: And via 2020tax.org, an updated chart I have used before: David B Smith’s historic look at the growth of state spending since 1870: Anyone who thinks this is a crisis of freedom is at best ill-informed. This is a […]

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A massive failure of journalism is being corrected

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Via It’s austerity all right – but not of the kind we actually need, City A.M.’s Allister Heath makes his case: It has long been a theme of this column that the government and its critics alike have exaggerated the extent of the government’s belt-tightening. The coalition is doing this to try and reassure the bond markets while seeking to minimise the hit to the public sector; the opposition because it wants to blame the recession on “the cuts.” But […]

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What kind of government? Looking forward to the budget

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Via the TaxPayers’ Alliance, this video explains vividly that the Government is spending £22,218 every second. In this week’s MoneyWeek, Merryn Somerset Webb’s editorial is titled “Slash spending and taxes”. She refers to Dr Tim Morgan’s work which explains that the economy has for too long been dependent on private borrowing and public spending and that, now these are “dead in the water”, 70% of the economy is incapable of growth. I have previously explained that this Government will be […]

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